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Our range of personalised face masks are the perfect way to help stay safe, but also to spread positivity and show your character, even if you can’t show your smile!

In the current climate, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and the people around you. To help reduce the risk of infection and to maximise the effectiveness of social distancing, Governments around the world have now made face coverings mandatory when out in public or when on public transport, to reduce the risk of infection and to maximise the effectiveness of social distancing.

Our motto is simple – “MY mask protects YOU and YOUR mask protects ME”.

Children’s Masks

The younger generation has been massively affected by current lockdown restrictions due to reduced interaction with friends and limited exercise. Now lockdown guidelines have started to change, we understand that as much as you want to introduce socialising back into your child’s life, you may be worried about staring to do so. Which is where our Kids Face Masks come in.

Our Kids Face Masks are created from the same material and feature the same antibacterial qualities that are found in our adult face masks, they are just smaller in size. To find out more about our makes visit our ‘The Technical Stuff‘ page

Company / Bulk Purchases

With the lockdown restrictions likely to ease for some over the next few weeks, Businesses face the task of equipping their staff and premises with increased levels of protection and social distancing in operation, which simply were not there before lockdown.

So, why not add your company logo to you Personalised Facemask so that the public can see you are making a conscious effort to protect them, whilst also being a walking billboard for your brand.

Whether you are or have non-medical essential employee/s who are customer-facing or an office worker running necessary errands, when the need arises to be in a public setting, wearing a fabric face mask can be a thoughtful and considerate choice right now.

Please contact our team for bulk orders over 100pcs.

Please note: Facemasks from Personalised Facemask have undergone no scientific testing. They are not intended for medical uses such as the prevention of disease.