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New Personalised Hand Sanitiser!

Over the past few months, a lot has changed and it is more important than ever to keep our hands clean. The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends that we wash our hands regularly, and to use sanitiser when you can’t access soap and water. Here at Personalised Facemask, our aim is to try to our customers to stay safe! Which is why Personalised Hand Sanitiser is now available”

Personalised Hand Sanitiser

Personalise your Hand Sanitiser

Just like our Face Masks, our pack of 10 Hand Sanitiser can be personalised with your own image, logo and text. This can be achieved quickly and easily using our live online designer. Which allows you to view what your label will look like before you make a purchase!

Alcohol Content

Here at Personalised Facemask, our 60ml bottles of sanitizer have a 70% alcohol content. Which is 10% higher than the minimum requirement recommended by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention). Making these sanitisers the perfect on the go solution when you have no access to soap and water.


Although our Hand Sanitiser can be used for personal use, they are also perfect for business use. This could be to gift your employees on their return to work or to dot around to help keep customers safe. So, whether you are a hairdresser who wants to encourage clients to keep their hands clean. Or an MD who wants to supply their employees with their own hand sanitiser, we can help!

If you wish to purchase our hand sanitiser in bulk then please email Please include the amount of sanitiser you would like to purchase and our sales advisers will provide you with a quote.

Stay Safe

When you pair our Personalised Sanitiser, with our Personalised Facemasks, they are a perfect match. So, remember to take them both with you when you leave your home to help stop the spread!