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Customising a Face Mask – Top Tips

Are you a business that is looking to add your logo onto a mask? Or a member of the public who simply wants to create a mask that is truly unique? Whichever you are, our online personaliser is perfect for adding your own images, logo or text to create a face mask. Customising a face mask really is that easy! Our personaliser works in real-time, so when you choose Personalised Facemask, you don’t have to guess what your mask will look like and simply hope for the best when it is delivered. You can view and edit it before you even add it to your basket. Allowing your mask to look just as you wanted it to. So that you can create your perfect mask, below are a few tips and tricks that may help.

Corporate Tips

Why not add your company logo to your Personalised Facemask so that the public can see you are making a conscious effort to protect them, whilst also being a walking billboard for your brand? Please remember to contact a member of our team if you require over 100 masks.

Personalising a Face Mask

When you first open the personaliser, on the right-hand side, you can see that there are a number of boxes that will allow you to personalise your mask. Let’s go through these

Adding a Background Colour

select a face mask colour
If you click ‘select colour’ this will allow you to select the background colour to your mask. We have over 16 million colour choices, so we know that you will be able to find the perfect one for your mask. If you don’t want a background colour on your mask, simply skip this section.

Adding an Image

When you click the select image section, you will see that new boxes appear (please see below). Let’s walk through what these do.

Personalising a Face Mask

Firstly the ‘Dropdown Menu’ allows you to choose if you would like your image to run across the whole mask, ‘this would be the ‘full coverage’ option. Or if you what your image on either side you would choose the ‘left background’ or ‘right background options’.

Face mask
Top Tip – It is important to note that if you choose the full coverage option and upload your image, some of your design will be cut off in the middle due to the style of the mask, which you can see here. Which is why if you are uploading a logo we suggest you add it to both sides of the mask instead.

Next the ‘Add Image‘ button, as you would guess this allows you to upload your chosen image. This can either be from your computer, your social media or even a QR code. Top Tip – We suggest your image size should be min 300 dpi and no less than 550 x 400 pixels. If you can’t find an image try looking on FreePiks. If you are adding a logo, then it may have a white or black background around it. Our ‘Remove Background‘ button allows you to remove this so it won’t be seen on your mask. The next group of buttons allows you to resize, rotate, reposition or delete your added image. If you don’t want to use these buttons you can also use all of these functions by clicking on your logo and using your mouse. Top Tip – If you have added a picture to each side when Customising a Face Mask, ensure you have the correct side selected on the dropdown before you make any edits.

Adding Text

When you click the select ‘Add Text‘ section, you will see that a new box appears. This section allows you to add text to both sides of the mask. You can also change your chosen texts size, colour, font and position. Top Tip – Ensure you are clicked on the text on the side of the mask you want to edit before you make any changes.

Choosing Quantity and Adding To Cart

Once you are happy with your mask design, simply choose the quantity you would like to order and then click ‘Add To Cart’. Top Tip – If you can’t see the add to cart button, then try clicking the ‘Add Text‘ or ‘Add Image‘ button to minimize these and then the cart button should become visible. We hope our Personalising a Face Mask top tips have been useful! !ut if you have any more questions or require any more help Customising a Face Mask please contact a member of our team at