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Cute Kids Face Masks

With children going back to school, you may be scared about their safety. Although it is not longer mandatory to wear face masks in public, it is still recommended you do so. So if you want to keep your children safe we have a range of cute kids face masks! Cute Kids Face Masks These face masks are aimed at children aged 5-10 and like all of our masks can be completely personalised. Are you finding it hard o encourage children to wear a face mask whilst out and about? If so why not let them design their own mask or pick from one of our fun pre-set designs. As a personalised Kids Facemask with a colourful design of their choosing is more likely to have a stronger positive message compared to a medical mask, which can have scary connotations for a child. Especially when they are exposed to so much media attention and the current situations in hospitals around the world. Currently, our pre-set kids designs include animal, fantasy, food and hobbies collections. However as with our adult facemasks, we will also be updating these frequently, so you can always find what you are looking for. Being reusable, our facemasks drastically reduce the amount of waste from wearing a mask. They can be washed up to 25 times before the antibacterial properties start to reduce. Meaning for every 50 surgical masks you use, you would only need 1 Personalised Facemask. This will not only help the environment but also save you money. Our Cute Kids Face Masks are created from the same material and feature the same antibacterial qualities that are found in our adult face masks, they are just smaller in size. To find out more about our makes visit our ‘The Technical Stuff’ page.