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XL Face Masks

Face Masks for Beards
A large collection of face masks, especially disposable ones, are only available in one size. If you have a beard then this could be a problem for you. then when your mask doesn’t fit correctly, this can cause discomfort and less protection from the mask. Here at Personalised Facemask, we listened to your concerns! Which is why we have now added our XL Face Masks, to our collection – The Perfect Face Masks for Beards. With the government recently making the face mask rules stricter, there is no better time to introduce these new larger masks. For those with beards, you may think masks are uncomfortable and don’t fit correctly. But with our XL mask, this is not the case.

Face Masks for Beards

We have a number of pre-set designs to choose from, which are perfect for men with a beard. These will be updated constantly with new designs added every week. Or we have an XL personalised mask option which allows you to add your own images to one of our Face Masks for Beards.


Just like our standard facemasks, our beard friendly collection of masks, have a certified and tested antibacterial outer fabric. This fabric has been fully tested with 5 different strains of bacteria. Over an 18-hour period, by encountering the fabric, 99.9% of the bacteria were killed*. When this is combined with the tight-knit feature of the fabric and the double-stitched centre seam, this reusable mask offers a unique level of protection compared to standard face coverings.

Washable & Rusable

These masks are also reusable and machine washable at 60 degrees. Meaning you will only ever need a small number of masks instead of constantly having to pay for other disposable options. Not only does this protect your bank account but also the environment as there is less wastage. So what are you waiting for? Order your comfortable and reusable XL Face Mask today!