Face Mask Display Stands

Our counter top display stands are perfect for positioning at checkouts to encourage impulse purchases (66 x 35 x 15cm). Our lightweight stand holds 40 masks (10 per hook) and can be purchased containing one of our standard or assorted collections (please see below).

These Face Mask Display Stands are supplied with our comfortable, reusable and washable masks. The same masks that you will find on our website and that you love here at Personalised Facemask. We have a number of pre-set collections to choose from, such as our popular pattern and flower collections. Whichever you choose, your stand will be made up of a number of great mask designs that your customers are bound to love.

Range of face mask display stands

We even have a dedicated trade website where you can view our full collections and re-order stock. With our stands being unbranded they will also be no connection to our Personalised Facemask website. Allowing you to sell our mask at a price of your choosing.

To find our more regarding our Face Mask Display stands then please email info@personalisedfacemask.com or call 01274 854990.