Personalised Hand Sanitiser – Pack of 10


Add your own image and text to our hand sanitiser and create a bottle that will provide you with on the go protection!

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As you haven’t always got access to soap and water, our Personalised Hand Sanitiser bottles are the perfect way to keep you and those around you safe!

Here at Personalised Facemask, our 60ml bottles have a 70% alcohol content. Which is 10% higher than the minimum requirement recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). They can also be personalised with your image and text. Making them a perfect accessory to carry around with you to ensure you keep safe when you are out and about.

Our Hand Sanitisers are also perfect for companies to gift their employees on their return to work, or to help keep customers safe. So whether you are a hairdresser who wants to encourage clients to keep their hands clean. Or an MD who wants to supply their employees with their own hand sanitiser, we can help!

When you pair our Personalised Hand Sanitiser, with our Personalised Face Masks, they are a perfect match. So remember to take them both with you when you leave your home to help stop the spread!