The Technical Stuff

Our knitted fabric adult and children’s face masks are made from 90% Polyester and 10% Polyurethane the same fabric used in most sports and gym apparel. The reason is that these two components together allow manufactures to provide garments that have high elasticity, as well as being breathable with moisture-wicking properties, so feeling cool to wear and helping to reduce perspiration.


These two components in our face mask, provide a lightweight but robust face covering, that is comfortable to wear due to its breathable properties, meaning it can be worn for long periods without becoming moist. The fabric moulds to the face, creating a strong barrier against airborne particles and reduces the amount of waste caused by cheaper throwaway masks that simply go to landfill.

Our masks are also manufactured with 30% Antibacterial yarn, which sits on the outer surface of the fabric and has been tested on some of the most common airborne bacteria (see test certificate) and within 18 hours of contact had killed 99.9% of the 5 bacteria tested (Staphylococcus AureusKlebsiellaE ColiSalmonella Typhimurium and Pseudomonas Aerginosa). They can also be washed up to 60° without losing shape or the prints colour vibrancy and can be washed up to 25 times without a reduction in its antibacterial properties.

These masks may be small and lightweight but pack a real punch when it comes to helping you stay safe and protecting not only yourself but those around you also.

Better still they can be fully personalised with your own design or logo allowing you to “show your character, even when you can’t show your smile!”

Please note: The face mask has undergone no scientific testing and is not intended for medical uses such as the prevention of disease.